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No Pills No Condom No Problem, Scene #03

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Hahaha... You're Sniffing My Panties Pervert!, Scene #01
Juan Loco, a diligent worker, was found stealing his stepdad's car. Despite his responsibilities, he indulged in a heated argument with his stepsister, Ameena Green. Juan slobbers her underwear, causing her to tremble and causing her to spit. She also sucks him, causing her to tremble. The story highlights the dangers of exposing one's stepbrother's underwear, suggesting that it's an adventure to smell one's stepsister's underwear.
Step-Mom Wears My GF's Valentine's Day Present, Scene #01
Valentine's Day presents a challenge for relationships, but the success depends on the gifts given to one's partner. Johnny Love, a successful partner, prepared a seductive outfit and a vibrating wand for nights out. However, his stepmother, Vivianne DeSilva, used the vibrator in his room, causing him to pull out his cock for mutual masturbation. Despite her shame, Johnny Love managed to fuck her and strangle her, leaving her feeling creampied.