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Pounding My Big Tittied Stepmom - S10:E1

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We Swap Our Busty Vampire Stepmoms - S2:E6
Juan Loco and Ricky Spanish are playing a video game, captivated by a vampire mother. Their stepmothers, Cassie Del Isla and Lauren Phillips, decide to limit screen usage by dressing in matching white gowns. They demand that the boys lick their stepmothers, leading to a double dog dicking routine. They then reverse cowgirl, with Lauren accompanying Juan and Cassie for Ricky. After a final kiss, the girls are relieved that their plan worked and enjoy the salty shocks.
Getting Down To Business - S20:E9
Parker Ambrose and Justine Jakobs, his stepmother, enter a room together, dressed in nothing. Justine reveals that she has cheated on Parker before, aiming revenge on his father. Parker is enraged and tries to slurp her titties, leading to a confrontation. Justine then performs a reverse cowgirl ride on Parker, shoving her titties in his face. They end up spooning, and Justine gives Parker a titty fuck and slurps a treat off his head.
Swap Mom Pulled Down My Pants In Front Of Dad - S3:E6
In this episode of Family exchange, Jane Rogers is confused about her exchange brother's refusal to leave his bedroom. Her exchange parents, Lexi Luna and Will Pounder, arrive to investigate the disturbance. Jane admits to pantsing her brother and attempting to enlarge his dick. Despite her parents' attempts to defuse the situation, Lexi attacks Will. During a disagreement, Jane strokes Will's exposed cock, which Lexi explains is not how it should be done. She then teaches Jane how to perform deep throat BJ and ball sucking, and they exchange spots to allow Lexi to give Jane the same treatment. The girls are determined to practice their newfound skills, and the girls trade places to ensure Lexi can continue her therapy.
Bad Stepmom - S20:E7
Girl / Girl
Demi Hawks, her adoptive mother, shares her experiences with her stepfather, Tyler Cruise, playing a board game. The next evening, Demi overhears them playing the game and admits to joining. They become a threesome, with Tyler making strange acts, such as Pristine getting into Demi's mouth and causing her to dodle herself. Pristine scolds Demi and instructs her to step up, making it difficult for Tyler to fuck Demi.
Game On Stepmom - S18:E10
Fitness Gym
Ricky Spanish, Kimmy Kimm's boyfriend, enters a wrestling competition where Ember Snow, Ricky's stepmother, proposes a leg wrestling match to Kimmy. Kimmy loses again, but Ember offers to help her with squats. Ricky is surprised by Ember's offer, and they engage in a heated competition. Kimmy decides to fuck Ricky more effectively, and Ember lets him fuck her in the dog through the hole in her jeans. The girls argue again, and Ricky smacks Kimmy in the butt before Ricky's father intervenes.
Just Kens And A Milf - S3:E5
Threesome MMF
Cassie Del Isla prepares for Halloween by setting up candies for her stepson Jay Romero and friend Parker Ambrose. She wears a short skirt and drops candies, knowing they will be staring at her. Cassie plays with the boys, dressed like fashion dolls, and shows her preparedness by giving them strokes and sucking. She also plays with Jay, blowing his hardon, and riding Parker like a cowgirl. As she turns onto her side, Jay spoons her juices from Parker's man meat, and Parker gives her a second creampie.
Stepmoms Big Date - S20:E6
Sadie Ambrose prepares for a significant day, unaware that her stepson Parker Ambrose is observing her. Sadie tells Parker she's going on a date and plans to spend the night masturbating in bed with dildos. Parker discovers Sadie's precarious situation and helps her manage the dildo. Sadie decides to have a genuine dick, gulps Parker down in BJ, and then performs cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before giving Parker one last orgasm.
It Is Really Wet - S9:E9
Demi Hawks is angry and upset about the rain. She and her friend Tiana Blow are going to the supermarket. Demi's stepfather, Danny Steele, assures them they won't melt. However, they find their rain jackets transparent and unprotected. Danny spanks Demi and Tiana, then slaps them in the dog. Tiana cowgirls Danny, while Demi falls on her back. Tiana stifles Demi's cries, and Danny agrees to go to the store after blowing a nut inside her.
Hijab Hunter - S2:E3
Boy / Girl
Lilly Hall, a lusty milf, is obsessed with livestreaming her large naturals and her stepson Joshua Lewis. She confesses to Joshua that she knows he's into her and plans to fuck and breed him. Lilly shows off her breasts and licks his stiffie, causing Joshua to document her advances. Joshua then shows Lilly her enormous ass, making a Lilly impression in the doggy pose. Lilly is then put on her back, and Jason gives her sperm and a future child.
Wetter Pleasures - S12:E2
Tiffany Rousso, a bigtit chick, swims in her halter bikini and surprises Sam Bourne by waking him up with her nipples. Sam is initially hesitant but eventually accepts Tiffany's overtures. Tiffany then kneels at Sam's feet, sucking his stiffie. Sam then re-enters her from a position of authority, rubbing his titties in his hands. Tiffany's milk bags tremble with every stroke, and Sam gets her on her hands and knees in a doggy embrace. She then rolls back onto her back, forming a sheath over Sam's titty fuck, and caresses Sam's dick until he explodes all over her, leaving her smiling and covered in sperm.
Spying On Swap Mom And Dad - S5:E10
In this episode of Family Swap, Ricky Spanish and Aria Valencia form a new family with one member each. Ricky is initially skeptical of their new family, but Aria reveals that things aren't always as they seem. Ricky is surprised when his swap sister joins them, and they engage in a playful exchange of affection. Aria rides Ricky in cowgirl mode, while Lolly assists her in mounting Dan in reverse cowgirl fashion. The girls return to their initial pairings, and Aria experiences intense pleasure from Dan.
Swapdad Was My Bull - S5:E6
Haley Spades is tricked by her swap parents, Bunny Madison and Charles Dera, into believing Charles will use his super sperm to conceive Bunny and Haley. Haley is prepared for conception and displays her body on the kitchen table. Charles is seduced by Haley and throat-fucks her. Bunny and Juan Loco investigate, but Bunny is determined to get his switch mommy to screw him over. Juan and Haley share a real family exchange, with Charles riding Bunny like a backwards cowgirl and Juan riding Haley.
Working It Out With Mom - S11:E4
Fitness Gym
Savannah Sixx and her boyfriend Tyler Nixon discuss a relationship and Tyler suggests going three ways with Savannah's stepmother. Savannah rejects Tyler, but they hang up and work out together. Krissy, determined to be manipulative, invents a lie to justify taking Tyler's erection out and sucking it. Despite initial outrage, Savannah allows Krissy to seduce her so they can both suck Tyler off. After putting themselves in a precarious situation, Savannah finally gives in to Tyler and Krissy's wish to be a threesome. They engage in a dog-like dog-like sex, with Tyler positioned in the center and Savannah resting on his dick.
Mom Gets Jealous - S14:E10
Girl / Girl
London River, AJ's stepmother, is not enjoying life as he spends time with his new lover, Vina Sky. London tries to control AJ by instructing him to take a photo and tidy herself, which makes AJ happy. When London sees AJ's dick, she enviously rips down AJ's pants and snatches him meat. Vina, initially shocked, uses AJ's fuck stick to masturbate in her bedroom. They execute a double BJ, sucking Vina's dick together. London falls to her knees, wanting to savor AJ's hardon more. Vina rides AJ's dick enthusiastically, while London laps her mouth on. London gives Vina a final ride on AJ's fuck stick, giving her a platform for his second cum shot.
My Hot Stepmom And I Make A Baby - S3:E10
Jennifer Mendez's stepson, Sam Bourne, is cleaning dishes while he completes his schoolwork. He offers his stepmother a massage in exchange for a personal massage. Sam gets a blowjob that turns into a titty fuck, eating Jennifer out and hitting her cream-filled cooter with ease. Jennifer seizes the opportunity to bounce away in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, hoping that Sam will creampie her coochie and possibly breed her.
Stepmom Cant Keep Her Hands Off Of Me - S20:E3
Girl / Girl
Dolly Diore and her stepson Charlie Dean are having breakfast together. Dolly tries to get her stepson to flirt with Steve, but he's too preoccupied with his tablet. After Steve leaves for work, Charlie feasts on Dolly, licking her tits. Dolly enjoys oral gratification, then climbs on Charlie for a rough ride. Charlie primes her for cum by spooning her. Dolly responds by giving her stepson's hot sperm a face pop.